How We Generated True Wealth AND Impact Using LinkedIn Alone, WE ARE ALREADY DOING THIS, AND SO CAN YOU!

Hey, I am Marcus 'Bellringer' Bell and I am Daniel Burrus , and we lead a team of LinkedIn Experts and Thought Leaders.

Today LinkedIn is The Preferred Social Media platform of professionals and entrepreneurs… and for good reason!

LinkedIn is the #1 social media network for business on the planet, and the vast majority of people have no clue about how it can elevate their impact, engage followers, or build wealth directly from LinkedIn.

We are personally interested in getting as many people as possible to use this amazingly under-leveraged platform to have a far more significant positive impact as they build wealth.

The two primary goals for LinkedIn Wealth and Impact Academy are:

Using LinkedIn to go far beyond success to dramatically elevate personal and organizational significance on a global level (Impact).

Using LinkedIn to go far beyond success to dramatically elevate personal and organizational significance on a global level (Impact).

Learn the key strategies and techniques used to increase revenue that comes directly from LinkedIn from instructors who have consistently made upper six and seven figures every year.

With over 900 million people using the platform and nearly half of its users earning over $75,000 per year, LinkedIn is a massive pool of opportunity - mostly untapped!

So why are so many people struggling to monetize this fruitful platform?

From our research, most LinkedIn courses available to the public are either basic–covering things like setting up a profile and navigating to areas of the platform, or they are focused on one subject such as growing followers. Having a large number of the wrong followers will not help you increase your wealth and impact!

Our experts have specialized knowledge beyond the LinkedIn platform. They know how to build audiences (period!), increase visibility (period!), and what it takes to monetize social media (period!).

And, yes, they know LinkedIn too. 

When you have that kind of knowledge guiding you through your practices, you don’t just get results - you get OPTIMAL results.

PLUS: as members of LinkedIn’s exclusive influencers program we have elite access to future LinkedIn platform developments and our own dedicated LinkedIn representative. 

So, when we get insights you get insights!

We don’t just build sales here… 

We build thought leaders and influential brands with a global heart on a global scale.

And that takes a lot more than just a LinkedIn profile.

Our LinkedIn Wealth and Impact disrupts everything you thought you knew about LinkedIn, selling your offer, and audience building.

Discover How To Elevate Your Wealth and Impact for Success In Your Business


Most People…

Most people grow their followers without growing their income.

Most people want to know how LinkedIn works - instead of finding out how to make LinkedIn work for them.

Most people don’t know what success on LinkedIn is - or how to measure their impact.

In short...

Most people don’t know the power of the world’s biggest social network for business.


"It's tough to justify the cost of a premium course as a small business owner, but I would do it ten times over."

 Rachel S.

"It's tough to justify the cost of a premium course as a small business owner but I would do it ten times over.

I actually have a business where I help manage executive's LinkedIn profiles and have been actively working to grow my following. After watching Madeline's webinar, I realized I needed to invest in my business in order to grow.

I used to get 100-200 views and very few comments, and after this course, my post views and engagement went up tenfold. I have also implemented this strategy change for my clients who are seeing similar big results. I am so thankful I made this investment and encourage others to take the plunge!"

 Rachel S.

What This Is

Our LinkedIn Wealth and Impact Academy is an educational program offering:
  • Insider strategies for growing wealth and impact on LinkedIn
  • Practical opportunities to build up profits and people while you grow your influence and impact
  • Learn from 14 of the best, specialized gurus, experts, and leaders

Who This Is For

This Academy is for entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, consultants, authors, artists, executives, and people - who generally want to:
  • ​Learn From the world's top LinkedIn experts to become thought leaders
  • ​Increase your financial success
  • ​Learn and grow alongside other like-minded Impacters 
  • Gain an ethically unfair advantage in the marketplace with LinkedIn
  • Make a difference in the world with their ambition, social media influence, and unique offers/specialized skills or talents

What This Is Not…

This isn’t just another LinkedIn course for:
  • Making some changes to your LinkedIn profile; it is for creating a MAGNETIC profile that attracts your ideal tribe.
  • Suddenly exploding your followers on LinkedIn; it is for consistent, reliable, and sustainable growth over time.
  • Making money and caring about nothing else; it helps you make meaningful contributions to others with your message as you make money.
  • ​Getting rich quickly;  it shows you how to build sustainable Wealth year after year.
Although you will learn the best practices for how to make money, grow your audience, and optimize your profile with integrity, this course is really about transforming YOU and the way you engage with the people you most desire to build a profitable relationship with. THIS is the start of your movement in the world.

Is This YOU?…

Are you frustrated spending money in the Facebook and Instagram advertising casino?

Are you spinning your wheels in your life and don’t know where to focus?

Do you feel like you are missing out on a major income stream from LinkedIn?

Do you have that feeling that there is something bigger for you?

Do you know how to identify and leverage your super fans?

Do you feel like you are wasting your time creating posts on LinkedIn because you aren’t getting any engagement?

Do you feel lost and confused about what you should be doing on social media to build your income and impact?

Are you feeling irritated because you’ve been trying to find a way to get sales on LinkedIn and social media in general?

Do you want to know what future services and features are coming to LinkedIn and how to leverage them before your competitors do?

Are you feeling stuck not knowing what you should be posting and communicating on LinkedIn?

Are you trying to figure out the LinkedIn algorithm so you can get more views?

Have you given up trying to make money and gain more free time to do things you really care about?

Are you trying to find other like-minded people that you could collaborate with?

Do you want to take your business, coaching, speaking, selling, or visibility to another level?
Are you doing ok, but know you could do a lot better and build something bigger with LinkedIn as a sales and visibility vehicle?

Do you see a lot of competition and need to figure out how to stand out?

Do you want to be more impactful with your posts and content?

Do you want more exposure and opportunity?

Is your time stretched and it seems like you don’t have the bandwidth to do all the necessary research to maximize your LinkedIn?

No worries, WE GET YOU... and we’ve got you covered.

Impact and 

The foundation of this course is 
our proprietary impact and monetization model of visibility, content, and community. 

This proven methodology generates 
new levels of Wealth and Impact 
on LinkedIn.

"In my first month, I had a few trending posts - one hitting over 21,000 views and another about 17,000 views."

Andrea G.

"The live group sessions are amazing. I can't imagine a more efficient way to pick up these tools! Before this course, I had shared some job postings... but hadn't put myself out there with any original content. In my first month, I had a few trending posts — one hitting over 21,000 views and another 17,000 views. Highly recommend this course!"

Andrea G.

LinkedIn Wealth And Impact Academy

3 Month Self-Paced learning & Instruction (Value $ 35,000)

Instructed by: LinkedIn influencer Daniel Burrus (1.2 Million LinkedIn followers), Marcus “Bellringer” Bell (social media influencer and entertainment industry expert), and Darby Fazekas (ranked in the top 4% by the LinkedIn Social Selling Index for the sales industry.)

Guest Expert Appearances by: Thought leaders, and Influencers including; Madeline Mann, John Livesay, Anthony J. James, Jeffrey Gitomer, Maayan Gordon, Ford Saeks, and more…

What You'll Receive:

  • ​The Impact and Monetization Model is a unique blend of visibility, content, and community, this is the foundation of this course.
  • ​LinkedIn Superstar Experts 14 LinkedIn experts share (via video) their proven methodologies, protocols, templates, resources, and tools for using the #1 social business platform in the world-- LinkedIn.
  • ​​LinkedIn Impact and Monetization Roadmap 12-step method to realizing your personal impact and financial aims on LinkedIn.
  • Live Webinars are held once a month on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. These offer support updating you on the most current strategies and trends as well as live Q&A.
  • LinkedIn Wealth and Impact Membership provides videos, content, updates, and resources on the most current strategies and trends impacting LinkedIn.
  • Mastermind Pods is a space to come together with fellow colleagues to experience work sessions, gain peer support, and have general accountability.
  • ​Private LinkedIn Group gain access to our private LinkedIn community for networking opportunities, boosting your posts, and bonus content to wealth and impact.


  • Act Now and Receive A Bonus Webinar: Supercharge your social media marketing and learn time saving techniques by using cutting edge AI tools with (with Daniel Burrus and Marcus Bell) (Value $6,000)
  • Pay In Full ​and Receive A Bonus Webinar: Hacking The linkedIn Algorithm (with LinkedIn Algorithm Guru Richard Bliss) (Value $2,500) 

Worth Over $39,000 in Value!

Enroll Today for Just $10,000!

Program Guarantee:   If you do not at least make your investment in the program back in 6 months and you follow all of the strategies, modules, and tactics in our program, we will work with you as a member of the community until you do. That’s how much we believe in this - and you!


Choose The Right Payment Option For You

2 Easy Payments


2 monthly payments


Single Payment


Pay in full

3 Flex Payments


3 monthly payments

  • Act Now and Receive A Bonus Webinar: Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing with AI (with Daniel Burrus and Marcus Bell)
  • Pay In Full ​and Receive A Bonus Webinar: Hacking The linkedIn Algorithm (with LinkedIn Algorithm Guru Richard Bliss)
Program Guarantee:   If you do not at least make your investment in the program back in 6 months and you follow all of the strategies, modules, and tactics in our program, we will work with you as a member of the community until you do. That’s how much we believe in this - and you!

Time Is Of The Essence!

If you act fast, you could be eligible for these ADDITIONAL BONUSES:

  • 500+ Top Hashtags with Madeline Mann (Value $99)
  • ​Content Generator with Madeline Mann (Value $299)

That's $9,000 worth of bonuses Alone!

Course Benefits:

Time Savings - We have gone through the best of the best LinkedIn courses and training to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of research by curating and creating the Sothebys of LinkedIn specialized knowledge.

Insider Tips - This course is rich with insider tips and techniques that have been tested by one of LinkedIn’s top influencers (who has consulted LinkedIn executives and helped them envision what is next for the platform).

Influencer Networks - You can tap into a network of influencers that generates over 5 Billion impressions per month.

Community - You aren’t alone. You will be in a community of people who are as successful and committed to up-leveling their social media game as you are.

Are you READY to:

  • Elevate Visibility, Thought Leadership, and Influence?
  • Monetize Your LinkedIn Profile? 
  • Expand Your Communities of Impact?
  • ​Accelerate Your Growth and Success?
  • ​Define and Attract a Tribe of Ideal Customers?
  • ​Gain Clarity and Sharpen Focus?
  • ​Transform Your Presence and Become The Influencer and Thought Leader You Were Truly Meant To Be?
  • ​Turn Your Contacts into Customers (and Super Fans)?
  • ​Capture and Create New Revenue Streams?

Then Let's Get Started TOGETHER!

"I truly didn't know results like this were possible without ads or LinkedIn Premium"

Michael P.

"I had an e-book that I had hardly sold many copies. I was looking into pumping money into ads when I found this course. I followed each step diligently and was able to build influence and started selling my e-book every day. It's amazing! I'm also finally being recognized as an expert in my field and am booking several speaking engagements a month. I truly didn't know results like this were possible without ads or LinkedIn Premium. I am very grateful for this course!"

Michael P.

What Will YOU Learn?

  • How to increase your revenue through LinkedIn,
  • How to move through any fears of "being out there" so that you can increase your visibility and start impacting the world.
  • How to go from success to significance on LinkedIn.
  • ​How to craft and tell the stories that make you a magnet for bigger opportunities. 
  • ​Learn how to elevate your brand and attract the kinds of high-paying clients you desire (and that desire your offer).
  • ​Insider strategies and tactics used by celebrities and the world's biggest brands to grow your audience.
  • ​A stress-free way to automate your LinkedIn growth. 
  • ​How to achieve and measure your LinkedIn success. 
  • ​How to best leverage LinkedIn for your most important aims in life.
  •  Learn to use LinkedIn to scale your offers beyond what is possible on other social media platforms.
  • How to guide your profile visitors away from "window shopping" and toward inspired engagement and following.
  • ​Which connections to add to your network and which ones to exclude.
  • ​How to use the LinkedIn tools that growth hackers (marketers) use to scale up businesses.
  • ​How to monetize a LinkedIn group.
  • ​How to monetize a LinkedIn post.
  • ​How to have a trending hashtag on LinkedIn that sends the right people to you by the droves.
  • ​How to become wealthy and influential, successful and significant through using LinkedIn’s audience.
  • ​Expansive ways of seeing and understanding wealth.
  • ​Expansive ways of seeing and understanding your impact.

”My greatest Aha! It was the moment I realized the need to shift how I think about my life, in terms of stories, to better captivate my prospects.”

Naseer Nayeem, P.E.

"One of the most revealing parts of your course for me was your quote, 'People buy emotionally and justify it logically.' It helps quite a bit because I am an engineer working with facts and figures. I have been assuming the client will just give us the work based on our best numbers and now I know I need to tell a story!"

Naseer Nayeem, P.E.

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